We made it!

Team Year 6 made it to the top of Mam Tor and still had (a little) energy for smiles! We also all managed to make it back down and have now arrived back at ‘base’ and are cleaning ourselves up to prepare for a very well deserved evening meal.

13 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. Well done team – I know how far that walk is – have a great night tonight and get plenty of sleep ready for tomorrow. The high ropes and weaselling are some of my favourite activities! Hope tea tastes good and Miss Slade didn’t eat all of the Mars Bar Cake!

    • No, it was surprisingly hot and sunny. Far better than the forecast showed- we were carrying our coats and even the hoodies came off in the afternoon. A real improvement on the cloudy, cold and wet day we had yesterday. We picked the right day fo a walk!

        • We set off around half ten in the morning and arrived back at the centre around five in the evening- so most of the day! We had a lot of stops along the way and some interesting adventures in mud.

  2. Pleased to hear you’ve all made it there and back 😀! Hope tea was something very tasty and rewarding after your long day! Enjoy the evening and get plenty of rest for tomorrow’s adventures!!

  3. Well done guys!!
    Sounds like you’re all doing a great job and having a wonderful time! 🙂

  4. Wowza! Well done to all of you. Enjoy your well deserved tea and try and stay awake long enough to enjoy your DVDs and games.
    Well done to the teachers too!!!

  5. So pleased the weather was good to you all today , im sure there will be alot of very tired children tonight lol
    Have a good rest ready for more adventures tomorrow x

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