Team building

what a day! Children completed the ‘high ropes’ activities alongside some team building and they were incredible. Many of the children faced fears of heights but with encouragement from their friends, they conquered them to go further than they had imagined that they could.

During the team building games, children listened carefully and supported each other to complete a variety of intense challenges such as keeping a rope tight in order to guide their team mates across a muddy pond! If this went wrong, they could have ended up soaked and muddy! We are pleased to report that all children managed to stay out of the water!

They also took part in weasling and bouldering which involved wriggling themselves through some small spaces and, again, for some children this meant facing a fear. The support and encouragement between each other was incredible and the children managed to achieve so much and left feeling incredibly proud of themselves!

One thought on “Team building

  1. I really enjoyed the school trip, especially the weaseling and high ropes.
    Thank you to all of the teachers and parent helpers who looked after all of the children.

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