The auditions are underway for this year’s show. I am so incredibly proud of everybody who has auditioned so far and I am excited to see the rest of you try out tomorrow.

The confidence you have all shown in your performances is incredible- Mrs Niven and I have had lots of goosebumps (especially Mrs N!) from your singing and so many of you have really beautiful voices. Year 6 is just full of talented actors.

We will cast the roles as soon as everybody has auditioned and then we will be able to start our rehearsals.

With all of you involved, it’s going to be a fantastic show!

9 thoughts on “Auditions

  1. I can’t wait to find out my role- even if it is a small one. As Mrs Strathmann has said, it’s been really nice watching everybody audition. Good luck everyone!!! 😀

  2. I’m so exited to see who is who!!! It is very nerve wracking waiting for the results. Good luck everyone 😃😃

  3. Everyone did great even the people who didn’t want to do it! Very proud of Hannah and a few other people who had stage fright. I can’t wait to see what part everyone has later today. Well done!! 😊

  4. I agree with everyone whose commented and also would like to say well done everyone for these past few days of auditions and can not wait until the cast is anounced oohh!!!! so excited.

  5. I’m super excited to see what I, and everyone else will get! Everyone did so well and even if you don’t get the role you want at least everyone will be involved in some way!!! I just can’t wait for rehearsals (next week I hope).

  6. I’m really excited to find out who I am. I’ve been checking every 15 minutes since I got home.🙃🙃

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