Cast List

The Lion King

ZAZU: Emily B
SCAR: Carys
SIMBA: Daryl
TIMON: Charley
PUMBAA: Dan Bull

LIONESSES (dancing and singing in a group):
SARABI (SIMBA’S MUM): Sophie (speaking role)
SARAFINA (NALA’S MUM): Jayah (speaking role)
AFIA: Millie
HEDASSI: Courtney

HYENAS (dancing and singing in a group):
BENZAI:Caitlin (speaking role)
SHENZI:Emily J (speaking role)
ED: Levi (speaking role)
Hyena pack: Jack,Christian, William, Nicole, Aimee

ENSEMBLE (a variety of animals- you will sing and perform on stage throughout the show): Libby, Yestin, Josie, Matthew, Finlay T, Josh H, Daniel B, Thomas McCormack, Tom McCartney, Robyn, Leah, Alex, Lewis, Arron, Callum, Hannah, Kian

25 thoughts on “Cast List

    • I agree with Flo. You have all made excellent dessissions for all of the parts. I think that they are all the right roles for every single person.

    • Okay Daniel that would be fantastic. I’m sure you would be brilliant with the lights and sound- we can talk about that on Monday.

    • Lionesses are very important- they have two songs and dances on stage alone, as well as being within others. You will sing and dance in a very small group and there are spoken words too 🙂

  1. Do I get a script book? I’m worried that my voice is too loud and will make Millie and Courtney not be heared as well.

  2. Well I have just been to see The Lion King and I’m absolutely speechless. Year 5 & 6 that was an amazing production and was such a treat to watch. You all did so, so well and it was obvious how much work you put in and also how much you enjoyed performing it. Some real talent and beautiful singing/acting. Thank you for a great evening. Very well done. (Ps circle of life made me cry!)

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