Welcome back

We look forward to welcoming you back as the new year sixes on Monday morning.

We have a very exciting and busy day prepared for you so please don’t forget to bring in your wellies, gardening gloves, raincoat (if it looks like rain!) and trowels/spades so that we can really get ‘stuck in’ to creating our victory gardens.

It might be a good idea to wear an older polo shirt or bring a top to change into so that you don’t get a lovely new uniform covered in dirt on your first day.

If you don’t have this all of this equipment please do not worry as we are sure that your classmates will be happy to share with you- the teachers will also be bringing in some equipment too.

See you all on Monday morning.

11 thoughts on “Welcome back

  1. Max has loved his first week in year 6 and is very excited about the learning journey 🙂
    Have a wonderful, restful weekend!

  2. Miss Strathman, I don’t know where to put my 100 word challenge so I am putting it here:
    Powerful Pentathlon
    In the pentathlon Rio 2016, Jessica Ennis-hill was beaten to silver by Belgian Nafissatou Thiam. She ran a storming 800 metres but was not fast enough therefore she couldn’t get her target of being the first woman to be a back to back medal winner after her triumph at London 2012. It was a great suspense to watch and all competitors worked really hard. She was so close to her target and it was there, that excited feeling. However, it was worth giving Nafissatou the medal as she bolted ahead and worked so hard on getting that medal.

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