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  1. Last week I visited a WWE Match. It was an exiting competition between Mr Fighter and Mr Foughter. The victory went to Mr Foughter due to the fact that could develop a phobia in the ring. Half way through the battle a large creature sat on Mr Fighter which could be another reason for his defeat.As the battle ended,the aggressive Mr Foughter created a large plane which caused a disastrous crash into the stadium roof.There was a large controversy over who would win and some people betted millions of dolla dolla bills.This ends my Wrestling review.

  2. Lincoln City Vs Barrow
    Luckily this was an adrenaline filled competition full of many risky opportunities that sometimes succeeded and sometimes ended up disastrous. Lincoln were being a big nuisance to the other teams in the football league.
    To our delight, Lincoln were in possession nearly all the time (because there was almost always a good pass available) and Lincoln scored a smashing header! Not long after that one of Lincoln’s midfielders got slide tackled from behind and ended up with a physical injury. Being brave, the midfielder carried on playing. It was all looking bright but the game still isn’t finished…
    As the game started to develop barrow started to improve and as a result lead to Barrow scoring the equalizer. Finally, the whistle blew indicating half time. Lincoln city walked off thinking carefully about how they were going to overcome Barrows change in strategy.
    Slowly it was getting worse and worse for Lincoln but every now and again Lincoln would get another opportunity but were failing to make it lead to a goal. The fans were starting to get frustrated when out of nowhere Barrow score in the top left corner causing them to take the lead one-two.
    Suddenly, Lincoln ends up fouling the other team Barrow (I didn’t agree) and he’s down for ages – five minutes. This is terrible because Lincoln were running out of time. With the match starting to end it became clear Lincoln couldn’t win however there was seven minutes added time so Lincoln could still have a chance to equalize or even better win.
    Tension started to rise, Lincoln went all out attack but with only seven minutes to spare Barrow were time wasting when someone got pulled over by the referee; one more time and it was a yellow card. Eventually, time ran out so therefore Lincoln had lost. This was a great match but a dreaded loss.
    Murray Wilson

  3. This morning I was very aggressive towards my mum because I was very tired, therefore it developed over a cople of dayes so I ………….. to be continued at lunch …………………

  4. Hello and welcome to Fabulous Fashion reviews. These amazing available items are not only Georgeous but a bargain! But I must tell you, you need to be determined,as these are selling fast. There are a few rules that I know but I must tell you, No criticising people and No stealing. The existence of these clothes are very rare as they are homemade. They are Fabulous! I really recommend Fabulous Fashion to all you fashion lovers out there. I will give you advise to buy a pair of leather Chelsea boots. Have fun shopping and it’s all a bargain! Tilly

  5. In the pentathlon Rio 2016, Jessica Ennis-hill was beaten to silver by Belgian Nafissatou Thiam. She ran a storming 800 metres but was not fast enough therefore she couldn’t get her target of being the first woman to be a back to back medal winner after her triumph at London 2012. It was a great suspense to watch and all competitors worked really hard. She was so close to her target and it was there, that excited feeling. However, it was worth giving Nafissatou the medal as she bolted ahead and worked so hard on getting that medal.

  6. New look disaster
    At New look, I was one out of many unfortunate enough to experience the show as I saw how the judge chose to criticise their work. However, the workers were determined to stop the plummet from existence. They have put up a bargain to avoid an available death from the shopping market, removing competition for other shops. The newest model slipped in her heels and fell onto the judge, causing a catastrophe with their score. Monsieur Babineaux says,” It doesn’t have to have high heels, it just has to be gorgeous.” I agree and hope for better style.

  7. All of my life I have been determined to go to a fashion show and after seeing the bargain price for entry tickets I knew I had buy one. There were not many seats available but I managed to get one. The people on the stage began to criticise me and I felt very offended.Then a large slowpoke appeared from nowhere and evolved into a dancing speedometer that could not wipe me from existence even if I was fashionable. All of a sudden the lights exploded and everyone died except for me.
    This ends my analysis fare well


  8. 2016 september 25th
    Dear reader
    I have just attended the national hockey event in London
    I throughly enjoyed the national anthem sang by the players themselves at the beginning of the match.
    The game itself was tense but I could tell the public enjoyed it.
    The atmosphere in the crowd was a great feeling and the food in the stands tasted brilliant.
    i would definitely consider going there again because it was incredible

    i rate this event 5 stars

    you sincerely
    Mr Bottomly of the bank

    P.S please consider checking out my previous reviews on the theatre of Lincolnshire and the Harrods food aisle

  9. 2016 October 2nd

    Dear Reader

    I have just attended the invitational New Look fashion show in Cambridge.
    The designer produced clothes inspired by Ayla Wilkinson’s artworks.
    it was a very natural pieces of work layered with black leather which bought out every models eye shades.
    The models were amazing and became the charater of the dresses perfectly.
    I was not really a fan of the time it went on for because it was way passed everybody’s bedtimes especially mine !

    I rate this event 4 out of 5

    Your sincerely
    Mr Bottomless of the bank

  10. It was a terrible day at school. IT WAS MONDAY!!! As I walked into the classroom and saw the board:
    Tom told me he didn’t do his homework. I didn’t do my reading so I need to stay in at lunch. At break we played team tig (I was it). I fell on a sharp rock cutting my leg open. Miss Sturman got me plastered up. Grace felt guilty and embarrassed and with anger threw a dictionary. It accidently hit my head so I had to go home (didn’t have to do fractions).

    By Luke M

  11. A disastrous day at school
    I tried hard to embarrass Simon Swot because as it says in his name, he’s a swot. However, he was desperate to get me as I’m the amateur of the class so he shoved a dictionary in my face. Then, everybody showed curiosity in all the details. I, feeling embarrassed, hid my face in a copy of ‘Heroes of Olympus: House of Hades’. At lunchtime, Alfie threw a bowl of sloppy porridge at me so my friend put her spaghetti and meatballs through his hair. Meanwhile, the head teacher walked into the lunch hall.

    • Now this sounds like a truly disastrous day at school Lucy! Let’s hope spaghetti and meatballs aren’t on the dinner menu tomorrow…

  12. Dear Diary,
    Today has been a total disaster. All-day I have been desperate to get home, counting every minute and every second.
    It all started this morning!
    I walked into the classroom when all of a sudden a piece of cake flew into my face. I screamed, ‘you embarrass me!’ But no one cared, they all laughed, I felt like an amateur.
    The next disaster happened after lunch.
    The lesson was English, I opened my dictionary and wish I hadn’t, because a portal opened before my eyes. Curiosity seized me; I dived into an incredible fantasy world of make-believe…………

  13. According to mister Dave , there were desperate people in another fancy powerful universe.My curiosity went wild so I went to an amateur merchant during a competition for a bargain potion to make me develop wings and fly into the pages of my dictionary.I saw a disastrous lightning storm that was a nuisance to the local villagers. I was determined to interrupt the aggressive storm and wipe it from existence and embarrass its children. To achieve my goal I had to accompany all of parliament to an available chair to accommodate and criticise their controversy over who is physical.

  14. I had to accommodate the amateur of being a nuisance to their aggressive lightning parliament. I chose to interrupt to criticise the available bargain to achieve. However, they were determined to embarrass me…
    I wanted my friend to accompany me for assistance but she was having a talking, human dictionary lesson. They showed great curiosity of how desperate I was to gain enough physical strength to open the towering, ebony doors. The atrocities of my life were yet to come…
    According to Dr Giovanni Pernice, the existence of the aggressive lightning parliament is available to criticise the fading of Earth…

  15. Wow! These stories are really good! I hope you’re all having a great time at the moment on your residential and enjoy the rest of this year! Good luck on your SATs in May!

  16. ALIENS Invade the local village/RAF base.

    It happened just a few moments ago,
    The answer to whether or not we are alone in the universe has finally been answered…
    From what I can see from here is that these extra terrestrial organisms appear to be herding the locals into some form of enormous box containers.
    THIS HAS JUST CAME IN the military has mobilised a small black ops team to free the imprisoned villagers from the wrath of the aliens.
    HANG ON I have just received new information

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