The auditions are underway for this year’s show. I am so incredibly proud of everybody who has auditioned so far and I am excited to see the rest of you try out tomorrow.

The confidence you have all shown in your performances is incredible- Mrs Niven and I have had lots of goosebumps (especially Mrs N!) from your singing and so many of you have really beautiful voices. Year 6 is just full of talented actors.

We will cast the roles as soon as everybody has auditioned and then we will be able to start our rehearsals.

With all of you involved, it’s going to be a fantastic show!

Homeward bound

We have departed and are likely to arrive back at school at 3.30pm

Please collect your child from the front of the school.

We undertand that you will be keen to see your child, but please don’t leave until you have spoken to your child’s group leader incase their are any messages that need to be passed on.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

Homeward bound

Year 6 are now on their way back to school after a very successful trip- they are all very keen to share their adventures with you.

We are likely to arrive back at school at 3.30pm. Please wait for your child at the front of the school.

We undertand that you will be keen to see your child again and hear all about their trip, but please speak to their group leader before you leave incase there are any messages that need to be passed on to you.

Thank you all for your support.

Team building

what a day! Children completed the ‘high ropes’ activities alongside some team building and they were incredible. Many of the children faced fears of heights but with encouragement from their friends, they conquered them to go further than they had imagined that they could.

During the team building games, children listened carefully and supported each other to complete a variety of intense challenges such as keeping a rope tight in order to guide their team mates across a muddy pond! If this went wrong, they could have ended up soaked and muddy! We are pleased to report that all children managed to stay out of the water!

They also took part in weasling and bouldering which involved wriggling themselves through some small spaces and, again, for some children this meant facing a fear. The support and encouragement between each other was incredible and the children managed to achieve so much and left feeling incredibly proud of themselves!

Day 2 – our morning

for our walk today, the children were all well prepared for rain with jackets and waterproof trousers, but were pleasantly surprised by the warm air and clear sky!
They had a snack during their first rest-stop and admired the views. Then they discussed the landscape and geographical features before choosing something to focus on for their artwork.
After the sketches were complete, we continued upwards and it became steeper and was a real physical challenge for everybody!

We made it!

Team Year 6 made it to the top of Mam Tor and still had (a little) energy for smiles! We also all managed to make it back down and have now arrived back at ‘base’ and are cleaning ourselves up to prepare for a very well deserved evening meal.