Fancy a Mental Maths Workout?

Follow this link to access a great site where you can practise your mental maths. We are working on this area of maths next week so you can do some learning before we start if you want to!

38 thoughts on “Fancy a Mental Maths Workout?

  1. The mental maths workout link only allows me access to the homepage. Students cannot gain access to the exercises which I presume sit behind this homepage without paying for it?

  2. I’d find it much easier on a sheet of paper – where you can do small workings-out. But with the fractions and money question I found them quite easy!

  3. By the time I’ve worked it out/started typing it the time is over! And I still press enter; so I get the next question wrong!

  4. the first time I got a score on day 1 was 8/20 its quite embarresing, but next time I go on it I will try harder- its a bit too fast and it doesnt read the qustion out twice like you do Mrs Taylor.

  5. It is awesome, but it got some answers wrong one of the times I did it. I even asked mom:). Some of the questions are quite hard – I loved it!!! Max

  6. I think it was all right. I`ve only completed 1 but I will try my hardest to get better. I think I have improved In my mental maths because the last one in class I got 7 which is my highest score in mental maths.

  7. I have just had a go on the mental maths workout and found that it as very fast and it was very annoying that you cant go back to other questions. However it is good for revision. as well as that, instead of putting the answers in the box, I wrote them down on a piece of paper and checked my answers. On day 1 I got 20/20, day 2 20/20 and day 3 18/20. Overall very entertaining!!

  8. Pretty cool. Done it two times now. Both of the times I got 19. The second time was a silly mistake. Since when was 22 times 4 44?

  9. I think that the Maths Test/game is quite good to challenge yourself. The first time I had a go (Day 1), I didn’t know you had to press ‘return so I only got like 13 or something!

  10. As this “comments page” is linked to Maths, I would just like to say that I am really proud of myself today for achieving a Level 5 with my 2 Maths test and 1 Mental Maths test. I really enjoyed it and I was rewarded a level 5 by ONE point!!!

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