Day 2 – our morning

for our walk today, the children were all well prepared for rain with jackets and waterproof trousers, but were pleasantly surprised by the warm air and clear sky!
They had a snack during their first rest-stop and admired the views. Then they discussed the landscape and geographical features before choosing something to focus on for their artwork.
After the sketches were complete, we continued upwards and it became steeper and was a real physical challenge for everybody!

We made it!

Team Year 6 made it to the top of Mam Tor and still had (a little) energy for smiles! We also all managed to make it back down and have now arrived back at ‘base’ and are cleaning ourselves up to prepare for a very well deserved evening meal.

Good morning!


Good morning everyone.
We’ve had a good night and a great breakfast this morning (second and thirds!). It was a bit foggy this morning but it’s clearing now and we’re hoping it continues for our walk.
Mr Harrold has just talked to us about the kit for the day. We’re getting ready to set off for about 10 o’clock.
Thank you for all your replies to our posts!

Miss Slade

Hollowford- Day 1

We are really sorry that we haven’t been able to share any photos with you until now – we had some technical difficulties. We will continue to post during the day then will add photos during the evening.

Our first day has been fantastic. The children thoroughly enjoyed visiting Peak Cavern and learning how to make rope. We also spent time in the visitor centre finding out about the history of Castleton and the surrounding area.

After a delicious evening meal, they became very competitive during Miss Slade’s quiz until bedtime.

Everybody is now settled for a good night’s sleep ready for our exciting walk up Mam Tor tomorrow- the weather forecast looks very promising too!


1 day to go!

We hope you are all ready for tomorrow. Please make sure you have access to your waterproof coat (either wear it or have it in your rucksack) as we will be walking from the coach to the center.